This fear of marrying a non-muslim guy was sort of mind control to stop me being with the guy whom I loved but it is effective as must muslim girls are scared. This political antipathy towards Muslims reflects back on diasporic communities in Britain. This is why I wanted to share my story, speed pof and stories of other muslims girls who were in similar situation and give guidence marry a guy who isnt from your community or religion. My first girlfriend my first love.

And with his family not hating him? What I'm more concerned with though is getting advice on what to do when I meet his parents. The reason for this activity is that about a year ago i got an e-mail from Ranj on facebook.

We had to be apart because our relationship meant abuse of her mother. People can post their queries and he offers rational, non-judgmental advice. This was particularly difficult as chicken was my favourite. It will be hard and there are no promises of success but it is definitely worth pursuing because most muslim girls want love marriages with guys who treat them right and can provide for them. That tortured her and indirectly me.

Why are you the one compromising everything for this man? Hopefully more differences will strive for peace and tolerance. Even with mutual understanding, love and respect, I'm not atcall sure the differences could be reconciled. Its attracting people to sikh way. His mom does not care what I am, she loves me for who I am.

There is wisdom behind this. So how is everything between u and ur Bf? Problem is her family wants me to convert to Islam and I dont want to as I looked into Islam and its not the faith for me. We didn't have enough money for both of us to attend the funeral, so he went and I stayed home. By continuing to use this website, 50 older dating you agree to their use.

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Many Sikh weddings are arranged marriages, and even if the couple have suggested their marriage the families will still be very involved. Basically a Muslim will want Sikh to convert Shahadah to Islam. My other half and me have spoke about things and he said to me he would leave me if i ever converted to sikhism or changed for him and i said the same. Aisha Bhain ji you are a very smart person. This worked for about two years.

Muslim Girl-Sikh Boy Marriage Problems- Please Help

Hi i dont know if u will get this but iam muslim n with sikh but just wanted to know how will we get married or how did u? He is my first and only love. Sikhs call it with many names but Waheguru, is used for meditating upon god and Muslims call it Allah.

Sikh guy dating muslim girl
  • His mum even threaten him that she would not state his name on her will if he marries me.
  • But is that even possible?
  • Last year, he died and I was relieved.
  • Love is greater and with gods help we will be unbreakable regardless of what religion we are.

Guide to Muslim Girl Marrying Sikh Guy

Also, what further steps can i take to embrace sikhism. Religion is greater than any man and woman you just have to work with it not abandon it for a person who has just entered your life. The couples are asked if they understand and accept their responsibilities to each other as a husband and wife. Is there any way that Sikh parents would accept a Muslim daughter in law?

Does she believe in the Judgment Day? This the strength in our relationship and the love for each other. God did not make a mistake by making you muslim and him sikh so who are we to change that, do we think we will make a better decision than God? Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh. Ranj laughed and told me that i knew the rules.

Hi im a muslim girl who does not like dating muslim guys. She had been secretly dating a Muslim boy for three years. And then bang we started dating. It is not nearly as desirable as marrying a Muslim woman, though.

Sikh Boy Dating a Moroccan Muslim Girl

Is Sikh-Muslim marriage disgusting? His family not so much at he moment. It is ever true and does not need changing has infinte wisdom that is still being understood.

Sikh guy dating muslim girl

Sikh-Muslim Marriages

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Sikh-Muslim Marriages
Sikh guy dating muslim girl

We both brought the issue up with our respective parents in a jokingly manner. However she is putting indirect pressure on me to convert to islam for her but i know its not her but her sake but for her strict families sake. We both believe god doesnt recognize religion my mom comes from a strict background where they believe in sikhism deeply though she said leave it in gods hand if its meant to be than thats how it is. She went ballistic after finding a photo of us in his wallet. She has lived at home her whole life and i have traveled all over the world and live by my self now.

My ultimate question and the advice that im seeking is that should i leave my husband for the love of my life? Those who lack knowledge in religion actually suffers. You got to win her around so that she drops the whole conversion issue.

  1. The sacrifice will be to accept that your families will disown you both.
  2. The bridegroom usually wears a red or pink turban and has a scarf around his neck.
  3. Dear all, Living peacefully and in love is very important.
  4. Hi Ruksy, Thank you so very much for your reply.
  5. You place my heart in another creed, And expect me to stay away.
  6. Eventually, her phone buzzed with a text.

He is everything i could ever want in a Man. Then why faiths of love are love-forbidding, When the very God adored is the same? She could only look through her fingers. The most important thing in this world is love, how to nothing else.

They paint beautiful patterns on her hands and feet with a special dye, which last for several days. Thank you for this beautiful message. This is the reading of the Lavan, a hymn written for weddings by Guru Ramdas. Finally we decided to get married but had to break it to our families. Pakistan and India will celebrate their respective independence days, but for some, their futures are still hindered by history.

Dear Sonia, Sikhs respect all faiths, in theory and practice. We are both spiritual and believe very strongly in God, just not in useless rituals. Did the couple have support from families when getting married or after marriage? My dad flipped and said that I wouldn't be welcome in his life anymore.

Sikh guy dating white girl

Sikh Boy Dating a Moroccan Muslim Girl

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Why dont you embrace sikhism? Make sure Sikhism is right for you and that it makes sense. Are you going to marry by Sikh wedding or Islamic Nikaah?

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Do I ring her every second of the day? It is smart to focus on education now. The semester had finished and Ranj was back at home. Ultimately, we always knew it would never work out, as these things have a temporary time span on them, so we broke it off because our families would never accept it. Aww Aisha, best lithuanian dating site Take one day as it comes and you will find yr prince charming.

Muslim Girl-Sikh Boy Marriage Problems- Please Help

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